My Plastic Surgery Experience

I recently had plastic surgery.

You are probably still reading right now because you want to hear that I got calf implants or liposuction. Sorry, I’m a bit more practical than that.

An interest in body modification is what brought forth my need to go under the knife. Before jumping to conclusions, let me assure you that my tongue is still in one piece and I certainly do not have any facial tattoos.

Instead, here is the story of a 16-year-old who decided to gauge his earlobes. I liked the way they looked. Plus, the underground music and art scene I was a part of had always promoted body art and forward thinking. It all just made sense! Although I stopped wearing plugs several years ago, the time had finally come for me to tuck away all remnants of my modification days for good.

Why you ask? These ½ inch holes were becoming an albatross around my neck. They were imperfections on an otherwise perfect portrait. They were a reason for a potential employer to ask a question like, “Why do you have holes in your head?”

"Why do you have holes in your head?"
"Why do you have holes in your head?"

The time had come for bilateral ear repair.

I determined that the right man for the job was Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio of Back Bay Plastic Surgery. After my consultation, I was very comfortable with his explanation of the procedure and his staff. I was on my way!

Before sewing my earlobes back together, Dr. Del Vecchio needed expose the fresh tissue surrounding the holes. The need to preserve what was left of my earlobe made this a bit tricky.  He used a device typically used for skin biopsies to achieve this.


With that goal accomplished, he began sewing them back together. They are now as good as new!

The final product!
The final product!

This site focuses on communications, right? I want to point out that Dr. Del Vecchio realizes the importance of social media and uses it to promote his practice. He is currently learning the ropes of Twitter and can be found at You can also see footage from some of his procedures on his Youtube Channel — NSFW!  Finally, what business should be without a blog?  Read the latest at

An Open Letter to Tiger Woods

Dear Tiger,

While there may have been some doubt before, you’ve now cemented the fact that you are guilty of at least some sort of unsavory behavior.

Because many have come before you, there is sadly no excuse for the way you have conducted yourself thus far. There are numerous case studies and examples your publicity team could be using right now to guide you through this turbulent time.

I happen to think you are deliberately ignoring them.

After all, you are Tiger Woods. You are the world’s most famous athlete. You revolutionized the game of golf. You are an exemplary role model for children everywhere. You earned all of this through hard work and determination. For these reasons, you are going to take care of your current situation your way – and no one else’s.

I don’t know you personally, but I have formed these opinions based upon how fiercely you guard your privacy. It is also my opinion that as a professional athlete/celebrity who makes a very generous living off of the admiration and interest of the general public, you are not entitled to the privacy you believe you deserve.

What, me worry?
What, me worry?


However, I digress. Let’s get to the point. The statement you issued last week was laughable. You owe the public a full explanation. Instead, you have retreated into the shadows, most likely with the hope that this nasty little incident will soon be forgotten. It will not be. And judging by your alleged mistresses coming out of the woodwork, this is just the beginning.

There is still time for redemption. You have to make a choice. You can still choose the path taken by the Andy Pettitte’s and Bill Clinton’s of the world. Tell us what happened. You will be forgiven. The public wants to love you! 

Or you can join the ranks of Roger Clemens’ and Mark Sanford’s of the world. Based upon your actions up to this point, you will be there in no time at all.


You are coming around. But a public apology that lashes out at the media in any manner is not exactly productive.