Tim Otis & the Top Ten Tenets of Social Media

Tim Otis is leaving his position at Axiom Communications to become the Supervisor of Social Media/PR at Gabriel deGrood Bendt in downtown Minneapolis, MN.

Check out his farewell post at Daily Axioms. In the meantime,  I’m going to share what he has dubbed as his top ten tenets of social media. These are some great words to live by, especially for PR pros, so take a look!

1. Followers/friends does not equate to knowledge
2. Share, don’t plagiarize
3. Makes friends with your competitors
4. Don’t retweet stuff you don’t read
5. Think fun, not formality
6. Don’t tweet when you eat (it may come out on the feed OR your keyboard)
7. Automating content is anti-social AND annoying
8. ‘Real-time’ means ‘Stop and think about it before you post’
9. Do use key words in your copy
10. Take a vacation – you’ve earned it!

Good luck at your new position Tim!

Meghan McCain Strikes Again!

I have shared my thoughts on Meghan McCain before and her latest media flair up reinforces my previous opinion.

For those not in the know, Meghan is back in the spotlight only this time it doesn’t stem from an appearance on cable television.

CNN summarizes:

“Meghan McCain is breaking her silence following a wave of media attention over a picture she posted on Twitter Wednesday night.

The revealing picture of herself in a tank top, which left little to the Twitterverse’s imagination, immediately drew harsh criticism from other tweeters, prompting an upset McCain to declare of the social networking Web site, “What once was fun now just seems like a vessel for harassment.”

The photo in question featured a curvaceous McCain in her weekday evening attire. I will not be sharing it here, but it can be found with a simple Google search. She has now taken to her blog at the Daily Beast to proclaim that she is not a “slut,” and to defend her actions.

McCain is certainly not a “slut.” Anyone saying otherwise I do not agree with, so let’s just get that out of the way right now.

However, that does not changes the fact that she willingly shared this photo and attached no thought of the repercussions.  Perhaps she is still is having a bit of difficulty navigating the world of media relations?

McCain willingly shared a photo that contained sexual connotations and that inevitably is going to cause media interest. In her blog she makes mention of the sexual double standard that exists in the media and I completely agree with her. However, McCain doesn’t exactly go out of her way to remind us that she has a history of contributing to the same double standard she is now condemning. After all, she did publicly tout the effectiveness (and display her admiration) of Rep. Aaron Schocke’s decision to release photos of himself sans shirt!

So where does this leave us? Does McCain really have the right to decry a tactic that she once championed? What are your thoughts?

Please leave any sexist or political comments at the door…