Oh, What A Campaign!

I recently attended a showing of Jersey Boys at the Shubert Theatre in Boston, MA. I’m not a huge fan of theatre, especially musicals, but Jersey Boys really impressed me. The songs performed in the show were written decades before I existed and I still recognized almost all of them!  My post today is not going to be about Frankie Valli and the boys though; it’s instead going to be about how well the online presence of the show has been managed.

The folks over at Brodeur Blog are just a few of the many who have recently noticed a change in the way major theatre productions do things these days, noting that, “Broadway marketing [has become a] sophisticated machine with many shows rapidly embracing new and social media to entertaining and creative ends.” 

Their assessment couldn’t be closer to the truth.

Take a look at the Jersey Boys Blog. It contains a plethora of information for anyone even remotely interested in the production. It contains interviews with regional cast members, reviews from the original members of The Four Seasons and Broadway box office reports. It comes fully equipped with sharing capabilities and links to social networking sites dedicated to the show. It updates almost daily.

It’s certainly not as technically impressive as the official website, but for a casual theatergoer who enjoyed the show and wants to learn more about The Four Seasons and the folks who brought them to life onstage, it is an excellent source of information.

Content will always be king, and JBB delivers.


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