Why Public Relations?

This is a question I am asked a lot in my personal and professional life and my answer is not as “cookie-cutter” as you might expect.

Many people believe PR to be a business full of glamour and perks run by bad guys who are all about spin and damage control.

I happen to have a more humble opinion on the matter because I recognize that communication as a fundamental aspect of the human condition.

From a baby crying for its bottle to a business owner offering a product they believe in. Nothing happens unless we communicate clearly and objectively. No progress. No meaningful relationships. Nothing.

Communication is an art that is not mastered overnight, but instead perfected overtime. It requires hard work and dedication. It is about making sure we get back to basics.

Without communication we would cease to exist.

So, why public relations?

Because we need to be reminded of this.

One thought on “Why Public Relations?

  1. Nice job, Nick. Very concise, incredibly to the point. And every other person who reads this will (somehow, in some way) be able to tie their own lives to this entry. It’s beautifully universal.

    My personal example: if those of us in the GLBTQ community didn’t communicate our needs, through protests, lobbying, and other events, we would be ignored. In many ways, we’re still misunderstood. The way to squelch all the misunderstandings is through strong communication and public relations.

    You hit the nail on the head, my friend. I owe you an extra beer for that. 🙂

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